Wei Zheng

Vice Chair, Department of Risk Management and Insurance, School of Economics, Peking University (China)

Born 1974. Co-founder and Vice Chair of SICA (Students’ International Communication Association of Peking University) 1997-98; Assistant Professor, Peking University 1998-2004; Associate Professor at Peking University 2004-; Secretary General of China Center for Insurance and Social Security Research (CCISSR) of Peking University 2003-; Member of the Board of Directors of Insurance Institute of China 2007-; Member of the Youth Committee of China Health Management Association 2007-; Member of the Editorial Board of Asia-Pacific Journal of Risk and Insurance (APJRI) 2004-; Visiting scholar at the University of Wisconsin 1999-2000; Project consultant of UNCTAD 2005-2006.

Personal Introduction

I am Wei Zheng from Peking University of China. In addition to teaching and research as an Associate Professor, I participate in many activities on legislation, hearing and government planning in the field of risk management, insurance and social security. I have been enthusiastic about international communications since I was a student. I believe that promoting mutual understanding is very important for world peace and development. I do hope that the Young Leadership Forum launched by InterAction Council can play a positive and unique role in the field of international communication, with the precious guidance and support from former heads of state and government.