Tan Wu Meng

Medical Officer, Singapore General Hospital (Singapore)

Born 1975. BA, Trinity College, University of Cambridge 1996-99; MB/PhD Programme, University of Cambridge 1999-2004; MBBChir, School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge 1999-2004; PhD, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge 2001-04; National Service, Singapore Armed Forces 1993-96; President, Cambridge Union Society 2001; Student Member, International Institute of Strategic Studies 2001-03; Best Individual Speaker, World Universities Debating Championships 2003; International Fellow, Agency for Science, Technology & Research 2003-04; Associate Clinical Supervisor, School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge 2004; House Officer, Singapore General Hospital 2005-06; Advisor to Working Group on Health Issues in Singapore, National Youth Forum 2006;

Research Fellow, National Cancer Centre 2006-07; Councillor, North West Community Development Council 2006-; Medical Officer and Member, Medical Officer Workgroup, Singapore General Hospital 2007-.

Personal Introduction

My training is in medicine and molecular biology, although my interests extend to public policy and world affairs. Many of the geopolitical trends in the world today will affect us at an intensely personal level, yet individual behaviour in the aggregate can also have significant global impact.

The opportunities and challenges of the 21st Century, if humanity is to prevail, will require co-operation, understanding and camaraderie transcending individual nations.

It is in this spirit of seeking friendship, acquiring new knowledge and learning from the wisdom of Council members, that I am humbled to be Singapore’s representative at the inaugural Young Leadership Forum.