Åsa Westlund

Member of the European Parliament (Sweden)

Born 1976. Masters degree in Political Science 1995-2000; Vice chairperson of Gothenburg Student Union (FFS) 1998-99; Member of the board of the Swedish National Student Union 2000-01; Elected to various high-ranking positions in the Social democratic party, as well as co-opted member of the national board (2001-03) and party executive (2003) 1995-; Political advisor to the Minister of Education 2001-; Chairperson for the Social Democratic Students of Sweden 2001-03; Member of the Social welfare committee in the municipality of Haninge 2002-04; Substitute member of Stockholm County Council 2002-04; Political advisor to the Social democratic party national board 2003-04; Member of the governmental Committee on Constitutional reform 2004-07; Member of the European parliament and its committee on Environment, Public heath and Food safety as well as its temporary committee on Climate change (2007-) and substitute member of its committee on Development 2004-.

Personal Introduction

I always thought that you as an individual have a moral responsibility to engage yourself in society. Coming from a family without political engagement it was nevertheless a big decision to take when I joined a political party. That decision has since then played a crucial role in my life. Through politics I have been able to develop new skills, meet some of my best friends as well as my beloved husband, meet other interesting people and not the least; I have had the possibility to affect our society to the better. In the future I hope I will be able to do that even more, and I also hope that I will be able to encourage more people to believe that it is possible to change the world.