Phillip Lynch

Director and Principal Solicitor, Human Rights Law Resource Centre (Australia)

Born 1976. Bachelor of Laws (Hons) 1999; Convenor of the Amnesty International Australia Legal Network 2000-04; Solicitor, Allens Arthur Robinson 2000–01; Editor of the Alternative Law Journal 2001–08; Founding Director of the Homeless Persons’ Legal Clinic 2001–05; Board Member of the Federation of Community Legal Centres 2005–; Convenor of the National Association of Community Legal Centres Human Rights Network 2006–; Masters of Public Policy and Management 2006; Member of the Victorian Human Rights Leadership Forum 2007–; Director of the Human Rights Law Resource Centre 2006–. 

Personal Introduction

I am the Director and Principal Solicitor of the Human Rights Law Resource Centre.  The Centre provides and facilitates legal services to promote the human rights of people experiencing socio-economic disadvantage or poverty. I previously worked as the founding Coordinator of the PILCH Homeless Persons' Legal Clinic in Melbourne which, in 2005, was conferred with the Australian Human Rights Law Award. I have also worked as a commercial litigator with Allens Arthur Robinson. 

I am committed to a human rights-based approach to democracy, social inclusion and poverty reduction. This approach aims to ensure that all people have the capacity and equal opportunity to live with dignity and to participate in and contribute to civil, political, economic, social and cultural life. 

I am married to Lucy and we have two beautiful daughters, Ruby (2 ½ years) and Annabel (8 months).