Haethum Samih Buttikhi

Assistant General Manager, Retail Banking, Jordan Kuwait Bank (Jordan)

Born 1977. Assistant General Manager – Retail Banking for Jordan Kuwait Bank; Commissioning course 963 of the Royal Military Academy-Sandhurst 1996-97; BA Honors in Politics & International Relations – University of Kent at Canterbury 1997 -2000; 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Commander Jordanian Special Forces and Counter Terrorist Battalion 2000-2001; 1st Lieutenant General Intelligence Department     2001- 03; Manager – Corporate Clients Relations / Jordan Kuwait Bank 2003–05; Executive Manager – Private Banking Unit 2005-07; Assistant General Manager – Retail Banking 2007-; Member of the Board of Directors for United Financial Investments - Jordan 2005-; Member of the Board of Director for Brokerage House Securities – UAE 2006–; Member of the Board of Directors for Amad Investment and Real Estate Development Company / Jordan 2008–.

Personal Introduction

‘You will never be a leader unless you first learn to follow and be led’

In order to become a successful leader, at one point one must be a follower. I have and continue to serve under leaders, extracting methods worth adopting as well as extracting methods to avoid. At the end of the day, being a successful leader is empowering your followers to in turn become successsful leaders. A leader must create other leaders to ensure his legacy survives.