Athanasios Kontogeorgis

Lawyer (Greece)

Born 1979. Master in Public Policy, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University 2008; MA in European Studies, Jean-Monnet Chair, Panteion University of Political and Social Studies 2004; LLB School of Law, University of Athens 2003; Scientific Advisor for Political and Social Analysis, Institute of Strategic and Development Studies (ISTAME) 2005-06; Campaign Team, Communications Coordinator of Local Chapters, Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) 2004-06; Lawyer 2003-; Founder and President, Greek European Youth Association (ONEE) 2003-; Board Member, Association for Social Reform (OPEK) 2006-; Elected in various offices in PASOK Youth 2000-03; Member of the 1st International Youth Parliament; Member of the 1st Greek Youth Parliament; Speaks Greek, English, German, Italian some French and Russian.

Personal Introduction

I deeply believe that the world today is in need of “technopoliticians,” a new breed of political figures, who will combine acute political awareness and a solid feel for practical approaches and solutions to the socio-economic issues of tomorrow. My keen interest in public affairs led me to volunteer, work in the political sector and pursue academic titles in various fields, especially in Public Policy. What I feel was the greatest benefit of this quest was the exposure to so many different points of view, each with a unique perspective of the issue at hand and its possible handling. And I feel that I will both receive and contribute to the collective experience, mine and that of my fellow young leaders, members of the first Interaction Council’s Young Leaders Forum.