Artemis Artemiou

Lawyer, Tassos Papadopoulos & Associates (Cyprus)

Active member of EDON, the youth political organisation of AKEL, in which I have been elected as a member of the central committee 1995-; Member of AKEL 1997-; Board member, Cypriot Student Society of Athens and Pancyprian Student Federation 1997-2003; Representative of the Hellenic Society to the Kent University International Office and to the Foreign Students Committee 2004; President, Cyprus Young Lawyers Committee 2004; Founding member of the bicomunal environmental society “Friends of Nature” (Cyprus) 2004-; Member, National Council Against Discrimination to People with Disabilities and Member, Legal Committee of Cyprus Anti-drugs Council 2005-;  Board and Spokesman, athletic club Nea Salamina Ammochostou.

Personal Introduction

«…τον τε μηδέν τώνδε μετέχοντα ουκ απράγμονα, αλλ’ αχρείον νομίζομεν…».

(“…the citizen who does not participate to the public issues is not only inactive but useless…”)

The above extract from Thoukidides, Epitafios Pericleous has been my motto since I studied this “essay” of Thoukidides about democracy in high school. Therefore, I got involved in politics through student syndicalism in high school. Later, as a student of Law School I became an active member of the student society in Athens as well as in England aiming to contribute to the solution of the numerous problems that students face and also struggle to make known abroad the political problem of my country.

I believe that people in democracies have a duty to take part in the decision making process and be united in order to find solutions in the various problems that modern societies face. Especially nowadays, globalisation gives people the opportunity to take democracy to a new level and provides the opportunity to raise our voices and struggle together to confront serious problems such as hunger, pollution of the environment and discrimination.