In 2011, the Council held a High-Level Expert Group meeting in Toronto, Canada, from 21 to 23 March. This meeting focused on the "Global Water Crisis: Addressing an Urgent Security Issue"

The papers of this meeting were published in 2012 in a book of the same name. Download the book as a PDF.

List of Participants


InterAction Council Members

1.     Rt. Hon. Mr. Jean Chrétien, Co-Chairman (former Prime Minister of Canada)

2.     H. E. Dr. Franz Vranitzky, Co-Chairman (former Chancellor of Austria)

3.     H. E. Mr. Olusegun Obasanjo (former President of Nigeria)

Associate Members

4.     Dr. Thomas Axworthy, President and CEO, Walter & Duncan Gordon Foundation (Canada)

High-Level Experts

5.     Dr. Zafar Adeel, Director, United Nations University, Institute for Water, Environment and Health (Canada)

6.     Dr. David Boyd, Adjunct Professor, Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University (Canada)

7.     Clarissa Brocklehurst, Chief of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, UNICEF (USA)

8.     David Henderson, Managing Director, XPV Capital Corporation (Canada)

9.     Mike Hightower, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories (USA)

10.  Adèle Hurley, Director, Program on Water Issues, Munk School of Global Affairs (Canada)

11.  Tony Maas, Director, Freshwater Program, WWF-Canada (Canada)

12.  Hon. Michael Miltenberger, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Legislative Assembly of Northwest Territories (Canada)

13.  Ganesh Pangare, Regional Water and Wetlands Programme Coordinator, IUCN Asia Regional Office (Thailand)

14.  Dr. Fabrice Renaud, Head of Section, Institute for Environment and Human Security (Germany)

15.  Bob Sandford, EPCOR Chair of the Canadian Partnership Initiative in support of United Nations “Water for Life” Decade (Canada)

16.  Samyuktha Varma, Executive Officer to the DG, International Water Management Institute (Sri Lanka)

17.  Dr. Patricia Wouters, Director, UNESCO IHP-HELP Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science, University of Dundee (United Kingdom)

18.  Moneef R. Zou’bi, Director General, Islamic Academy of Science (Jordan)